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Welcome! The Awash Falls Lodge (AFL) is located in the most southwestern limit of an ancient conservation area, the Awash National Park, the only nearest Park to the capital Addis Ababa, with 205 km in the East. The location of the Lodges in the surrounding fantastic diversity of nature and related entertainment activities provided by the Lodge has been called by many as 'The Little Paradise'. Awash Falls Lodge is an ideal place to refresh oneself in a peaceful and clean environment. Its proximity to Addis and Adama/Nazret along with the New Express Road and the rapidly constructed railway are also advantages for you to spend at least the weekends in the Lodge.

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The Great Rift Valley is a unique geographical attribute, which cuts Ethiopia into two from northeast to south. This vast Valley hosts magnificent landscapes and supports immense life forms including indigenous and migrant birds and other animals of varying species. Some of such wonderful places like Awash National Park (Awash NP), Afar Depression with Erta-Ale area and Rift Valley Lakes are considered as one of the world's most attractive areas.
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