The waterbuck

Waterbuck (Kobus ellipsiprymnus): It is a large antelope found widely in and around Doho Lodge & Hot Springs. Waterbucks are rather sedentary in nature. A gregarious animal, the waterbuck may form herds consisting of six to 30 individuals. These are either nursery herds or their offspring and bachelor herds. Males start showing territorial behavior from the age of five years, but they are most dominant from the age of six to nine.
The waterbuck cannot tolerate dehydration in hot weather, and thus inhabits areas close to sources of water. Breeding takes place throughout the year, but births are at their peak in the rainy season. The gestation period lasts for seven to eight months, followed by the birth of a single calf. Predominantly a grazer, the waterbuck is mostly found on the lodge grassland and the surrounding wetland areas. The Aseda Hill is an important viewpoint with 2 km trekking.
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