The wild pig (warthog)
See the predatorily process in the Awash National Park: The wild pig (warthog) is common. Cats such as cheetahs and leopards are also present, although less easy to spot. Although less frequently, Black-backed, and common jackals, and caracals are also seen in the park.
The kori bustard (Ardeotis kori)
It is the largest flying bird native to Africa. It is a member of the bustard family, which all belong to the order Gruiformes and are restricted in distribution to the Old World. In fact, the male kori bustard may be the heaviest living animal capable of flight. This species, like most bustards, is a ground-dwelling bird and an opportunistic omnivore. Male kori bustards, which can be more than twice as heavy as the female, attempt to breed with as many females as possible. The nest is a shallow hollow in the earth, often disguised by nearby obstructive objects such as trees near to Doho Lodge & widely in the Allaidege plain.

The Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)
It is a very large, mostly terrestrial bird of prey. Endemic to Africa, it is usually found in the open grasslands and savannah of the Awash National park & Allaidege-Asebot wild animals reserve areas. Although a member of the order Accipitriformes, which also includes many other diurnal raptors such as kites, hawks, vultures, and harriers, it is given its own family, Sagittariidae.