Viewpoint on the Awash River gorge:
Viewpoint on the Awash River gorge: This amazing gorge is situated South-east of the park adjacent to the Awash Falls Lodge. The view point on the Awash River falls is seen with full of smokes and water bubbles in a rainbow impressive color. It is a deep canyon with fascinating viewpoint.
The best views of the gorge are seen from the grounds of the Awash Falls Lodge, Gorge view G+1 Tukuls & Upper gorge view restaurant of the Lodge. You could have to spend hours wandering around the abandoned trailers and recreational areas of the Awash Falls Lodge. The slight decay and aura of loneliness resulted in some very fun photographs and makes you wonder about what a warm weather even in the mid of the day (afternoon).

A water fall in the Awash River
A water fall in the Awash River: It is a place where water flows over a vertical height with a drop or a series of drops in the course of a river. Nobody would enter the water at the top of the waterfall! Even the water bodies that seem shallow have currents strong enough to sweep anybody over the falls.

Awash waterfalls
Awash waterfalls: when the volume of the water flow is quiet (dry season). Seeing crocodiles may need the help of a ranger (patrol), because of their color.AFL is located in the southern tip of the park (adjacent to the lodge). Waterfalls are more impressive, attractive and fascinating during or just after the rainy season. Sometimes, olive baboons cross the river on the rocks at the top of the waterfalls and they are clearly visible from the lodge. Downstairs, anyone can walk along the Awash River, and may see crocodiles sleeping on the rocks