Bird Watching


ETTA 008 - Bird Watching (15 Days)
Day 01 -
Addis Ababa City, Sululta Plains and Debre Libanos Monastery (110 km) Early morning drive from Addis Ababa to the north for 110 km, towards Debre Libanos monastery. Along your way, do birding along the Sululta plains expecting to see the endemic Spot-breasted plover, Blue-winged goose, Abyssinian long claw and migratory waders on the seasonal ponds at the Sululta plains. After lunch birding along the cliffs of Jema Valley inside the compounds of Ethio-Germen Hotel expecting to see Lammergeier, roosting Ruppell's vulture, Verraux's eagle, White-billed starling, Ruppell's chat, and Erckel's francolin among the few. The endemic Gelada Baboon (Papio gelada) is also a very common mammal at this site. Continue to Debre Libanos Monastery indigenous Forest, expecting to see the other endemic bird species to Ethiopia includes, White checked turaco, Banded barbet, Abyssinian forest oriole , White-backed black tit and Abyssinian woodpecker. Other birds of interest include Scaly-throated honeyguide and Brown woodland warbler. Over night at Ethio-German Hotel (clean rooms and hot water shower) or get back to Addis Ababa.

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Amazing Birding Walks in Awash National Park

Four Giant Birds Walk - A wonder full walk in the savanna grasslands spend time learning, recording birds behavior and their feeding practice in their habitat such as Kori bustard, Arabian bustard, Abyssinian ground horn bill and Secretary bird.
Owls & Fish Eagles Walk - Enjoy the company of an owl as you spend 15 minutes learning about owls and their ecology. Walk through the woods and see them glide along above you through the trees.You will also appreciate the calls and perching habit of the African fish eagle. On the way, you will also see many riverine birds and skulker. The African harrier hawk with its nest will be your target on your way.
Bat & Harrier Hawks & Snake Eagles Walk - Walking towards the Air strips of Awash Park Spend a day and, handles several different species, learn about feeding and how to work with a bird of prey.
Night jar Walk - An evening exercise, starting from 6:30 pm for active Night jars 20 minutes planned walk. Walks can also be made during the day at their nesting/resting site.