Camel riding & milking

Riding camel & getting camel milk by the rift valley pastoralist is one of the most attractive experiences for tourists in the Afar & Kereyu Oromo communities.
We would also like to tell for tourists that riding a camel and getting camel milk is fantastically fun and bound to be one of tourists’ favorite memories from day time to sun set over the Awash Gorge. Camel riding is one of the most unlikely and wonderful \ activities \ that tourists can enjoy.
The Afar pastoralists:
Traditionally, Afar pastoralists have extremely learned about the weather patterns, the sustaining capability of all the environmental resources including water, forest–cover, pasture and land formations. Therefore, there are traditional laws protecting each and every part of the environment against sustained damage and over usage. Since pastoralists are natural ecologists, they move their families and herds in a deliberate plan to preserve the environment. They calculate the effects of staying in one place over a given time and leave to prevent damage. Furthermore, Afar pastoralists have traditional mechanisms to assist themselves in coping up challenges under drought and other stressful times. For example, they reserve certain pasture from grazing so that it can be used during drought times. This is called ‘desso’ in the local language.

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