Cultural Shows

Among others, the KEREYU Oromo and AFAR ethnic groups dwell nearby the Park. They have very interesting and attractive lifestyles with their own culture, languages and historical backgrounds. We recommend tourists to visit the mysterious dwellings of these colorful communities in the surrounding villages. One can see the sharp contrast between the two societies as you stroll through their unique pastoral villages. The Lodge in collaboration with the Park and the Fentale District Culture and Tourism Office commencedorganizing cultural songs and dancing of the Kereyu community in the Lodge's compound.

The Karrayyu Oromo Cultural Dance in the AFL: Karrayyu oromos are one of the few remaining Oromo social groups to maintain the traditional Oromo culture and pastoralist way of life. They are governed by the Gada system, an ancient and complex form of African democracy. It is traditionally based on generation sets which alternate power every eight years. The officials live together in a village and travel together. A full Gada cycle lasts 40 years. It guides the religious, social, political and economic lives of individuals from birth to death, as well their philosophy, art, history and method of time-keeping. This system is the basis of their democratic/egalitarian political system, under which power to make laws belongs to the people. The people have the right to share their views in public without fear. Karrayyu are nomadic pastoralists who eke out their lives through livestock herding.