An Eco-Lodge ( Doho Lodge & Hot Springs)

Doho Lodge & Hot springs
It has a Crater Lake adjacent to the hot springs that have private & communal baths. The small Lake has an amusing sun set view in the evening & bright view of the sun rise in the early morning. The manual small boat is an exploring way to sea aquatic animals, fish & birds in the lake and nearby swampy papyrus land.

A common Hot spring bath
Doho Lodge & Hot springs has built as private & common baths with in a palm trees with safe steers & rest chairs on the shores of the lake.

Doho Lodge with boating activities
Doho Lodge & hot springs provide a small manual boat, which accommodate 4 persons including the boat man. Guests boat is always welcome at the lake of our Lodge. Bring it along and launch it at one of the area’s our Dam. Birdwatchers & other photographers enjoy boating activities & it would be special gift for them.

Doho Lodge Lake View Restaurant
Doho Lodge & Hot Springs Bar & Restaurant surroundings: It is truly natural & protected eco lodge, where wild animals are grazed & have a potential to be a site for the flock of waterbuck, warthog, Tortoise, brevet Monkey, variety of bird etc.Doho Lodge Lake View Restaurant: In the morning, guests prefer to have breakfast with traditional coffee with a dream view of the lake & distant palm forest around the lake. A theatre of fish eagles has been observed on the lake with light & soft air.

An Eco-Lodge ( Doho Lodge & Hot Springs): It is also a 100% eco friendly lodge, environmentally conscious and community orientated with Afar cultural housing Tukuls. The site has a marvelous and the most attractive natural scenery. Really, anybody who has the opportunity to visit the area will definitely admire nature. This attractive eco-friendly eco-lodge has experienced several new developments in recent months. The Tukuls incorporate the types of occupancies that range from Single to Family suit.
They have been built from locally available materials and they are too neat and most attractive culture-oriented premises. The beds in all occupancies are too clean, smart and they have the maximum comfort to rest.The naturally endowed hot springs have also the power to relax human sensations and the tired mind.
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