New Developments in the Awash Falls Lodge

The Awash Falls Lodge has built new viewpoints with much comfort and site that will enable to see the gorge & the water falls of the Awash River. It is an amazing and wonderful site to attract guests to refresh their min
Stable and Comfortable Bar
A lodge has wide, Traditional and stable bar always ready & accommodate all bar services for visitors. Currently, the lodge has equipped and furnished the bar & restaurant properly.

Doho Lodge Lake View Restaurant
Doho Lodge & Hot Springs Bar & Restaurant surroundings: It is truly natural & protected eco lodge, where wild animals are grazed & have a potential to be a site for the flock of waterbuck, warthog, Tortoise, brevet Monkey, variety of bird etc.Doho Lodge Lake View Restaurant: In the morning, guests prefer to have breakfast with traditional coffee with a dream view of the lake & distant palm forest around the lake. A theatre of fish eagles has been observed on the lake with light & soft air.