Game drive

Awash NP is home to more than 80 species of mammals the Awash Park which covers an area of about 756 sk. Kms has a semi-arid wood and savannah grassland, with a thin belt of dense reverie forest. The park is an extensive home for a large number and variety of wild life. Oryx, Caracal, Anubis & Hamadryad baboons, Colobus monkey, leopard, lesser Soemmering’s gazelle, cheetah, Crocodiles and Hippos are some of the animals out of the 76 mammalian species known to exist in this park. 45% of these are Ethiopia's distinctive Semi-arid species. The Park was once, and probably still is, a major habitat for one of the largest populations of the Beisa Oryx in Africa.


The Elala Sala Plain in the southern part of the Park, where a game drive is a must, the plains are best viewed in the sun rise and sunset to see herds of Beisa oryx and Soemmerring's gazelle. Lesser kudu, Anubis baboon, Salt's dik-dik, Common warthogs, Bat-eared foxes and jackals and Abyssinian hare are frequently encountered. There is also an opportunity to see open grass land birds like the Kori bustard (the heaviest flying bird in the world), Abyssinian ground horn bill, Secretary bird (hunting snakes in the savanna grass land) and different species of bustards. The wonderful Awash Gorge (about 150 m deep) from the view of the old Kereyu Lodge is really breathtaking experience.

Eighty km from the Park to the Afar side it is possible to visit the Alledeghi Wildlife Reserve and see herds of Grevy's zebras, oryx and gazelles. A breathtaking view of the Awash Gorge is part of this drive, or one just relaxes at Kereyu Lodge and enjoys the fantastic view of the deep Awash Gorge