AFL free Ethiopian Cultural Coffee ceremony
Ethiopia's coffee ceremony is an integral part of their social and cultural life. An invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is considered to be a mark of friendship or respect and it is an excellent example of Ethiopian hospitality. Celebrating the coffee ceremony gives a full pleasure & it is an attractive event which has been carried out amid the visitors following dinner time in the evening of everyday. It is important to keep tolerant as this special ceremony can take a few hours. So it is advised to sit back and enjoy the event.
Night Events in Both Lodges
A campfire will be arranged at Awash falls Lodge & Doho Lodge & Hot springs for special events for guests’ special order & request. As experience of the lodges show, guests choose to have a camp fire after dinner in the evening with free coffee ceremonies. The event will be colorfully celebrated accompanied by many visitors, with the smooth and decent noise Awash Falls. In this regard, the lodge & the park have a great deal of experiences in the area.
The Lodge Buffet (Full & Half Board)
Guests say “it is one of the best in Ethiopia “and they need to stay more days in the lodge without missing what they need to eat in the urban areas. The Lodge professional cooks are ready to provide the proper diet according to the order received. The AFL is one of the few Lodges in Ethiopia having good names in serving guests for 24hours with full kitchen & quality food and beverages.Please feel as your home, and ask what you want to eat & drink. Waiters will come soon to serve you with a smile face in the AFL & Doho Lodge & Hot springs. It is also obvious to explore the connections between what we eat & drink, what we dress and who we are through cross-cultural study of how personal identities and social groups are formed via food production, preparation, and consumption. What makes "good" food good (healthy, authentic, ethical, etc.)?