The Wild Life


Soemmerring's gazelle
Currently, Soemmering’s gazelle is globally small in number. It is a tall gazelle with tan flanks, gradually turning to white on the belly, and long black horns. They are about 75-90 cm (2.5–3.0 ft) height at the shoulder, and they weigh 35–45 kg (77-99 lb). The diet of the gazelle consists of acacia and bush leaves, grasses, and herbs. They inhabit open steppes with brush and acacia, as well as steppes with few trees, and scientists suggest the males are temporarily territorial.

Anyone can visit the natural scenery from the Lodge view points to the Awash gorge & the Awash River Falls simultaneously. Really, it is amazing and anybody who has the opportunity to visit the scenery will undoubtedly admire nature.
The Elala Sala plain
In the open areas and grass plain, one can see the Beisa oryx, Sommering’s gazelles and Swayne’s hartbeest; anubis, and hamadryas monkeys can be seen near the river, as can colobus and grivet monkeys. Kudus, lesser, hippo, hyrax and caracal are present, and the tiny dik-dik is well camouflaged in the shade of the acacia thorn. The wild pig (warthog) is common. Cats such as cheetahs, servals, and leopards are also present in the area. Although less easy to spot Lion, black-backed and golden jackals, and caracals are also seen in the park.

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